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Topsham Food Festival and Nello's Longest Table
June 30th-July 1st, 2018

"Fire and Spice

"Eat, Drink, Shop Local" Campaign

The Topsham Food Festival weekend demonstrates yet again what many of us already know: both the incredible strength of the Topsham community, and also that our town is a serious food and drink destination with fabulous local food and drink businesses as well as an amazing range of places to eat out or dine at all levels. Local shopping lies at the very core of our community. It is important that all of us who live here are aware of this and really think hard about our decisions of where to shop, what businesses to support.

An important aim of the Topsham Food Festival and Nello’s Longest Table is to raise awareness and make us all think a bit more about the vital importance and value of supporting our local shops to our community. One of our stated aims has always been that our weekend should promote the importance of shopping local. What would our town be without Arthurs and Richards? Country Cheeses is a world class cheese shop selling mainly cheeses from farms local to us. The wines that Jim offers at Topsham Wines are so far superior (and no more expensive) to the mass-produced, industrial wines on fake-offer at the supermarkets. There is Pebblebed, a Topsham wine we can all be proud to drink. Darts Farm is quite simply one of the best farm shops in the country, offering so much that is so good and local — and Darts Farm is supporting any number of amazing small businesses that would struggle to keep going without this important outlet for their products and produce. David Kerley at The Fish Shed and Derek Thorman from his mobile fish van bring us fish that has been pulled from the waters of Lyme Bay sometimes just hours ago (look where the fish comes from at supermarkets — very little of it is locally landed).

Supermarkets may be more convenient; supermarkets may be cheaper. But they are totally souless and the profits they make do not stay in our local community. The daily human interactions that we enjoy when shopping locally are so important. Chatting to Tony, Neil, Sharon or Karen at Arthur's as we select our meat, or trying some new and local vegetable that Richard has in, discussing the incredible variety of cheeses, feeling Gary's incredible knowlege and enthusiasm at Country Cheeses, tasting wines with Jim at Topsham Wines, or talking with Derek about the fish that he has just landed: all of this is a very special part of life here in Topsham and we would be much poorer without it.

But this can only continue if we as a community value, appreciate and support what we still have. Supermarkets may be here to stay, but we all need to make an effort to maintain our local shops and community and to do so by supporting some wonderful local businesses.

Please support our campaign to 'eat, drink and shop local' not just during the Nello's Longest Table weekend but throughout the year. Only by frequenting our excellent food and drink shops and wonderful eating out places can we ensure that they will remain a vital and central part of Topsham.

-- Marc Millon

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"Eat, drink, shop local" - food and drink businesses in Topsham

Food and drink shops

Arthurs Butchers and Delicatessan
Richards Fruit, Vegetables and Flowers
Country Cheeses
Darts Farm Shopping Village
Fish Shed
Topsham Wines
Derek’s mobile fish van
Matthews Hall Saturday market
Shaul’s Bakery

Restaurants, cafés, tea shops and wine cellars

The Galley
Salutation Inn
Darts Farm Restaurant
Fish Shed Fish and Chips

Route 2 Café Bar and Apartments
Marcello’s Ristorante
Pebblebed Cellar
Pig & Pallet
The Boathouse
Pebblebed Cellar
The Café
Plum Café
Petite Cuisine
Matthews Hall Café
Denleys Essence of India


Bridge Inn
Exeter Inn
Lord Nelson
The Lighter Inn
The Globe Inn
The Passage Inn

Food and drink producers

Topsham Ales
Pebblebed Wines
Good Game
Topsham Cakes


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